Q: What is a Co-Op?
A: A food Co-Op is essentially a grocery store that’s owned by the people who shop there. Unlike a business owned by an individual, family, or a corporation, profits from the store return to our owners or are used to help the store better serve our community’s needs. Co-Ops have values and principles that guide them in how they operate.


Q: What are the benefits of a Co-Op Membership?
A: Being part of a like-minded community; Shopping discounts, deals and patronage refunds; Influence over Co-Op’s activities and community involvement; Opportunities to share and absorb culinary, health, and nutrition focused knowledge; Reinvesting in your community.


Q: Who can become a member?
Everybody can!


Q: How can I join?
Visit to sign up! You have the option to choose a one time $200 fee, or $20/month for 10 months.


Q:  Can I shop at a Co-Op without a membership?
A: Yes, you can!  Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-Op:  just come on in and do your grocery shopping as you would at any other store.


Q: Why should I shop at a Co-Op?
A: Access to Healthy, Fresh foods; Support local, smaller scale agriculture and food service business; more socially responsible, social & community involvement activities.


Q: Where will the store be located?
A: Downtown Battle Creek.


Q: What kind of products will be in the store?
A: We plan to have as much locally sourced food as possible based on the season. We want to have food that is healthy for all diets and will work with feedback from our members to accommodate as many as possible.  We will also have other household products, health and beauty products, bulk foods and spices, and beer and wine from many other Michigan-owned businesses.


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