Sprout Co-Op Market & Deli

Sprout Co-Op is preparing to launch in 2022 – become a founding member today!


The Sprout Market & Deli will be opening soon in a redeveloped historic building in downtown Battle Creek, MI, using a cooperative business model. We are excited to announce the beginning our capital-building phase – YOU can become a lifetime member now and help get the co-op off the ground. Lifetime Founder Memberships are $200 – billed one time or $20/month for 10 months.




*** You can also DONATE a full membership or half membership to help someone in our community. ***


Sponsor Level Memberships:








What Is a Co-Op?


Cooperatives are member-owned, member-governed businesses that operate for the benefit of their owners according to common principles agreed upon by the international cooperative community. In co-ops, owners pool resources to bring about economic results that are unobtainable by one person alone. Most simply put, a cooperative is a business that is 1) voluntarily owned by the people who use it, and 2) operated for the benefit of its owners.


Our co-op serves many purposes:


– Improving community access to fresh and healthy food

– Educating the community about nutrition and sustainability

– Benefiting the community by supporting local businesses

– Assuring Member access to the goods, services, and facilities of the Co-op


Read more about our co-op model and guiding principles.


Benefits of Co-op Membership


1. Being part of an organization dedicated to contributing to the health and self-determination of our community.


2. Having a say in the co-op’s activities and future.


3. Shopping discounts, deals and potential patronage refunds.


4. Opportunities to share knowledge and build community.




Board & Governance


The member-owners of the co-op will exercise control of the business through selection of a Board of Directors, as laid out in the organization’s by-laws.  The board will select a General Manager who will be responsible for the operations of the store.  Member-owners in good standing are eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors in our annual elections.