The Sprout Box Terms & Conditions




If you have any questions about any of the products you’ve ordered and how they work, please stop your transaction at this time and contact, or return to the main “Sprout Box” page and review Sprout Box in detail.


By submitting my payment information, you agree that you have read through all expanded product description on the website and understand its impact on your financial purchase of the Sprout Box.


Primary Contact information for Sprout Box:

Manager: Dana Edwards



Failed Transaction Policy


If your credit card is declined, a $30 fee will be billed to you to compensate for the fee from our banking institution.


Cancellation Policy


We ask for 2 weeks notice before ending your recurring payment, though you have the right to cancel at any time. The delay in the cancellation of your automatic recurring payment helps with Sprout planning and logistics purposes, as well as helping the farmers and vendors we work with anticipate sales correctly.

You can end your automatic recurring payment at any time. When you do so, you will end your participation in the Sprout Box program.


Refund Policy


Because we work with perishable product, if an order has been placed, we can not cancel and refund you after the fact.

If any payment is disputed, please bring it to the immediate attention of Sprout BC so we can handle it in a timely manner for you and work with you to solve the dispute.


Food Safety Policy


All farm fresh products from Sprout should be considered unwashed. We suggest you always wash farm fresh produce before consuming to ensure your own personal health and that of the people to whom you serve that product.


Delivery Policy


In the event that a customer does not pick-up their Sprout Box from a Sprout location (Springfield or Kendall), ordered by subscription each week, regardless of their decision to customize or not, Sprout will repackage that Sprout Box and deliver their produce to a family in need.  This action is taken to prevent loss of product, product quality loss and to pay-forward into the Battle Creek community, instead of allowing perishable product to be lost. Sprout does not have the capacity to transport boxes between pick-up sites or to monitor that activity.

In the event that a Home Delivery is to be made to a customer and the customer is not home, Sprout is given the right to leave that Sprout Box on the porch of the customer. At the time the box is left, Sprout is no longer responsible for the quality of that produce, its food safety or it’s theft.


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