The Sprout Box is a customizable box of produce and Michigan-made groceries delivered to your home, workplace, or one of our satellite locations.


Weekly selections include: Fresh Breads, local produce, cheeses, snacks, ready to eat meals and more, with new additions every week!


The Sprout Box Features:

Weekly and bi-weekly delivery options


Sign up for Guest Access and only shop the weeks you want!

Subscriptions that automatically charge each week

Home Delivery, Workplace delivery & area pick-up options available


Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.


How to Sign Up:

First you sign up to set up your subscription, then the customizing of your boxes happen each week. Follow these easy steps to join now:

  • Click “JOIN NOW” button above on the right hand side of this page
  • Pick Out a pick-up/delivery site that suits your families needs best (please note: you can change these!) click “next
  • Select a schedule that fits your family at this time as well. Want your Sprout Box every week, or bi-weekly? Choose now then click “next”
  • Select a box size, or weekly subscription level, that best fits your families needs.
  • Interested in weekly, automatic add-ons? You can choose one on this screen. Select now or if you’re Not Interested, click “next
  • In the “Terms Section” you will be forced to select “Pay As You Go” this means that your account will be charged 3-4 days ahead of your delivery each week automatically –  click “next”
  • Create a log-in for yourself, or use facebook to log-in. When you’re finished –  click “next”
  • Enter your credit card information at this time – click “next”
  • Once you have completed the last steps, your account is set up!


How to Customize

Every week on Wednesday afternoon our store is updated with new products and inventory.

You can easily return to your account by going to and click “Customize”

      • Select items you’d like to add to your box this week
      • Look to the left hand side of the store to find categories such as “Grocery Items”, “Baked Goods”, “Produce” and more.
      • Watch the right-hand side of your screen, your Cart, to spend down your weekly credits. If you go beyond that amount, the difference will appear as $____.       And will be added to your cart.
      • You can open your cart to add and subtract items.
      • If you spend beyond your credits, your credit card will be charged accordingly.
      • Click “Check Out” to submit your items for your next Sprout Box.

The store, or customizing option, shuts down every week on Monday at 6am. This is for boxes delivered that week.


IF YOU DO NOT customize your box, you will receive a Sprout Box House Special, the best of the best Sprout has to offer.


How to adjust your Account

Go to and click “Log-In”

From this screen you can manage payments (change credit card information), change your box size, and your pick-up location. You can also see any charges made to your account, pause your account for a vacation, or enter the store directly.   If you have questions, email us at

  • All Account adjustments MUST be made on the Friday prior to your desired adjustment date. We do this to prevent charges that can result over the weekend, and when our customer service is not present.


What you’ll find in your Sprout Box


The Sprout Box in greater detail:


You get what you want. 100% local deliciousness.


What will be in my Sprout Box?

We carry Michigan, local products and produce.

In our store you can find things like Michigan-grown dry beans, local produce (fresh & frozen!), pre-made meals/soups, cheese, yogurt, locally baked breads, juices, honey, grass-fed meats, and more!

How much you get depends on the size of the Sprout Box you have chosen for your home – $15, $25, $50, $100/week. 


Can I add more to my Sprout Box?

Yes! When you’re customizing your Sprout Box you can spend at the weekly subscription level or greater. Credits that you do not spend DO NOT roll-over into the following week, or get stored in your account.


Where does the product inside your Sprout Box come from?

Over the course of a year, Sprout works with 15-50 local farmers and food producers within Michigan and the Battle Creek area to bring you great quality produce and locally produced goods. You will learn more about them throughout the season as their products are featured in your Sprout Box.



What will it look like?

You decide! The image above offers a general look of what each size looks like and the difference between them.   REMEMBER: Just because it is pictured here does not mean you will receive it. Example: Eggs are shown in every photo, however you can choose to have or not have eggs, etc.

Is it 100% Organic?
No, it’s not- but it can be if you want!  We include produce details so you can make these decisions if they’re important to you and make your Sprout Box as organic as you want it. We work with certified organic farms, conventional farms and those that use strictly organic processes, but are not certified by the USDA.


Products to Expect in your Sprout Box:

We only offer produce grown in the state of Michigan. We work with farms on a personal basis to understand their farms, farming practices & business.


We are lovers of Michigan- it’s farmers, it’s people, it’s climate. We work to support our local economy surrounding Battle Creek and see it grow while nurturing the health of our communities through increased access to darn good, healthy food.


Payment Options, expanded:

Note: Sprout does not store your personal financial information.

Weekly, Recurring payments are an automatic payment option that begin the week of your first pick-up. No matter which day you receive your Sprout Box, your account will withdraw four days ahead of this date.  It will withdraw any items you have selected to be subscriptions.

SNAP EBT for the Sprout Box: Interested in using EBT benefits for a Sprout Box?  Send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to help!

Delivery & Pick Up Options:

Workplace Deliveries : Get 5 or more of your co-workers together for the program and we will deliver to your workplace at no cost. Email to get your workplace registered before you begin purchasing. Interested? Sprout also does workplace presentations to help groups understand the Sprout Box better, answer questions in person and present additional on-site promotional materials. Email us to schedule a visit today.  We currently offer workplace drop-offs Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Individual Delivery Options : Sprout will deliver to your home or workplace (as an individual) for $5/fee in Battle Creek, Marshall, Athens & Kalamazoo areas


Pick-Up Options :

You can pick up from any Sprout identified location for no fee.  

We currently have the following pick-up locations:



Anne’s Health Food Store at 109 E State St, Hastings 2:30-6pm

Confections with Conviction at 116 E Crosstown Pkwy, Kalamazoo 2:30-4pm

A neighborhood Lakeview site – address provided after sign up Battle Creek 4-5pm

Sprout Grocery + Kitchen at 503 Military Rd. Springfield 3:30pm-5:30pm


A neighborhood Verona site (near Verona and 10 mile road) Battle Creek 4-5pm

Torti Taco at 5275 Beckley Road, Battle Creek  4pm-6pm

Sprout Grocery + Kitchen at 503 Military Rd. Springfield 2pm-6pm


Pastrami Joe’s at 80 W Michigan, Battle Creek 11:30am-4pm

First Methodist Church at 600 E. Michigan, Albion 2:30-6:30pm

Pastrami Joe’s at 105 N. Jefferson, Marshall 2-4pm

New Story Community Books at 114 W. Michigan, Marshall 2:15-6pm

First Congregational Church at 410 N. Broadway, Union City 3:15-5pm

Sprout Grocery + Kitchen at 503 Military Rd. Springfield 11am-6pm


“We’re going on vacation for a week, what do I do with my Sprout Box?”

  • You can have a friend, family member pick up your Sprout Box for you
  • Or Sprout will help you donate that box to a family in need here in Battle Creek.
  • Or you can pause your account through our portal. Log-in to your account as instructed above.  Questions? Email us at


“What if I want to end my participation?”

You can cancel your recurring payment option as you wish. We ask for some notice, but you can cancel your account at anytime through your log-in portal. Cancelation is used in the language “Permanent hold”


Please read our Terms and Conditions Carefully  

Still have more questions?

Sprout is happy to help! Email us at