The Sprout Food Hub sells local produce & meats sourced from 45+ local farms to institutions, schools, breweries, restaurants, food carts, cafes, hospitals and more all in and around the Battle Creek area.

Purchaser Profile 

Territorial Brewing Company

256 Helmer Rd. N.

Battle Creek, MI


Specializing in German street food and (incredible) Burgers, Territorial Brewing Company matches its uniqueness in brewing with some excellent food from their kitchen on site. Territorial has been a long standing supporter of Sprout since it's opening. Green Garden's curly kale graces the plates of customers through their zesty kale-slaw. Crisp Country Acres' Butterball potatoes make their way into many a potato dish as well. The Sprout Food Hub handles all the communication, packaging, and ordering between both the farm and the restaurant so farm fresh produce is more readily accessable to markets of all types and sizes. This has helped expand wholesale market access for a growing number of local area farmers. 





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