Food sovereignty is one of our guiding principles. What does that mean to us? It means that we believe that the people should own a much greater part of their food system and the decision making power about how their food is produced. In our region, we believe this is possible. And we aim to play a great role in that change in our food system. Here’s how we do it:

  • Local Farmer Support: We choose to get to know our area farmers, build real relationships with them, and buy produce from them through our food hub. We know that each farmer is unique and their needs are unique. Relationship building and flexibility is the best way to support a local enterprise. Our dollars will continue to be leveraged to support small farm enterprise regionally. (For a list of Farmers….link to Suppliers section)
  • Local Food Enterprise Promotion: Our staff sure does like to eat. In doing so, we find the best chefs and food magician’s in our area. We believe in supporting their efforts and connecting them to local growers. With your support, we can keep our dollars circulating within Battle Creek, instead of leaving to never return.
  • Pop-Starts: There are a lot of people in our community with great ideas that may not know of all of the resources this community has to offer. We really are a village that can be very supportive of new artisans. As a leader in our food system, Sprout feels it is our responsibility to connect those resources to our diverse population here. We will help you find fans, find money, create food events, connect to local suppliers and so much more. If you want to….

To contact our HYPE Team…..(link to contact form, which should have a “Reason for reaching us” section or some checkboxes it seems.)

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