In the beginning, we partnered with schools as members of Community Gardens. For instance, we supported the growth and expansion of a garden at Prairieview, Westlake, Dudley, Northwestern, and students at Ann J Kellogg grew seedlings for us.

Today, through funding from the WK Kellogg Foundation, Binda Foundation, Battle Creek Community Foundation, Pennfield Education Foundation, and United Way, we have been able to expand our reach in schools through a comprehensive school gardening program.

  1. School Gardens as a Learning Tool for all subjects: Through partnerships with educators and administrators we have added supplementary, hands on learning opportunities woven into current curriculum with educators at North Penn Elementary, Dudley Elementary, Calhoun Community High School, and Lakeview High School. We intend to expand these opportunities to other schools with a desire for a value-added experience. Contact our Education Team at (Contact Form)
  2. School Markets: When seeking to increase the access to healthy food for all our residents, we try to meet people where they are each day. Our school partnerships offer a great opportunity for us to provide affordable, local, fresh, healthful produce at a market stand that we set up after school, making it a little bit easier for parents to choose health. In addition, this program is cool because we offer leadership opportunities for kids at the school to help out at the market, putting their communication and math skills to work in a realistic setting.
  3. Visit our Farm: We welcome field trips to our 2 acre urban farm on the northside of Battle Creek. We design tours based on your needs. We also are very happy to accommodate volunteer working groups through schools and have done just that for 3 years with groups like National Honor Society and Youth Days of Caring.
  4. Local & Fresh in the Cafeteria: We are currently building relationship with all area Food Service Directors to continue their efforts in providing nutritious meals, while supporting local farms and the local economy.

To contact our Farm to School Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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