The Sprout Box is a year-round customizable box of produce and locally-made products delivered to your home, workplace or picked up at any of our available pick-up locations –  while paying in a way that fits your budget.


The Sprout Box Features:

  • Year-round Deliciousness – Order your Sprout Box any time during the year
  • Customize what’s in your Box: Once you’re signed up, choose from available produce to fill your box through our online store. If you choose not to take up this option, we make an awesome mix of produce for you anyways – the Sprout Box “House Special”.
  • No Joke Local : We work with farmers  and local food businesses throughout the season to bring you an incredible mix of produce and locally made goods made right here in Michigan.  
  • Payment Options that fit your budget : We’ve worked hard to find payment options  that remove economic barriers to getting fresh, local produce into your home.
  • Automatic,  recurring weekly payments: Our system will automatically charge your account weekly based on your box choice and your delivery/pick-up option.
  • Use your SNAP/EBT Benefits: Choose the box perfect for your household and pay for it using your SNAP/EBT benefits at Pick Up. Sprout is able to use Double Up Food Bucks to match your benefits. See below for expanded details.
  • Home Deliveries or Pick-Up: Sprout offers direct delivery to your home or office for a small fee, or free pick-up at any of our Sprout locations.
  • Workplace Deliveries: Get 5 or more of your co-workers together and we’ll deliver the Sprout Box to your workplace free of charge! Inquire by email to get your workplace registered before ordering.

And you can always Donate a Sprout Box. Purchase a Sprout Box to be donated to a home in need here in Battle Creek.

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

The Sprout Box in greater detail:

What will be in my Sprout Box?

We have a range of all available fruits and vegetables that are grown within 80 miles of Battle Creek, MI for you to choose from. You will even find things like Michigan-grown dry beans, cheese, yogurt, locally baked breads, juices, honey (and more!).

How much you get depends on the size of the Sprout Box you have chosen for your home – $15, $25, $50, $100/week.

Can I add more to my Sprout Box?

Yes! Log in to your account at any time to update your Sprout Box contents

Where does the product inside your Sprout Box come from?

Over the course of a year, Sprout works with 40+ local farms   and food producers within 80 miles or less of Battle Creek to bring you great quality produce and locally produced goods. You will learn more about them throughout the season as their products are featured in your Sprout Box.

How do I customize my Sprout Box?

Every week on Thursday you will receive a form to fill out through your email account given to us at the time of checkout. This is nearly 1 week before your Sprout Box is delivered to you. This gives us time to communicate with food producers/farmers to get you the freshest produce. The form you receive will be in “this OR that” format, with 8-10 options, more or less depending on your Sprout Box size. See screenshot below. This is how you customize your Sprout Box:

If you decide you don’t want to customize your box, or you miss our customizing window, we will make you an awesome mix of what we have fit to the value of your purchase – our “House Special”, if you will. Some people prefer it this way, as it helps them get introduced to new foods they may have never otherwise tried before.

What will it look like?

You decide! The image above offers a general look of what each size looks like and the difference between them.   REMEMBER: Just because it is pictured here does not mean you will receive it. Example: Eggs are shown in every photo, however you can choose to have or not have eggs, etc.

Products to Expect in your Sprout Box:

We only offer produce grown in the state of Michigan. We work with farms on a personal basis to understand their farms, farming practices & business.


We are lovers of Michigan- it’s farmers, it’s people, it’s climate. We work to support our local economy surrounding Battle Creek and see it grow while nurturing the health of our communities through increased access to darn good, healthy food.

What you should not expect

  • Bananas
  • Mangos
  • Avocados
  • Lemons… and anything that is not grown in Michigan, or not possible to grow in this climate.

Click on the image below to see possible products you may find in your box, based on seasonal availability per month.

After you order

You will receive a “Welcome Email” from Sprout. In this email you will receive an introduction video and more information. If you are receiving delivery but need to change your address, you can communicate your desired delivery address as well.

Payment Options, expanded:

Note: Sprout does not store your personal financial information.

Weekly, Recurring payments are an automatic payment option that begin the week of your first pick-up. No matter which day you receive your Sprout Box, your account will withdraw four days ahead of this date.  It will withdraw any items you have selected to be subscriptions.

SNAP EBT for the Sprout Box:  We can accept SNAP benefits for the cost of your Sprout Box!  We participate in the Double Up Food Bucks program year-round and will match your SNAP payment every time you come in – dollar for dollar up to $20 at each visit. This reduces the cost to your benefits of your Box to $12.50 each week (after week 1, of course). Please email us for more details or questions.

Delivery & Pick Up Options:

Workplace Deliveries : Get 5 or more of your co-workers together for the program and we will deliver to your workplace at no cost. Email to get your workplace registered before you begin purchasing. Interested? Sprout also does workplace presentations to help groups understand the Sprout Box better, answer questions in person and present additional on-site promotional materials. Email us to schedule a visit today.  We currently offer workplace drop-offs Thursday & Friday

Individual Delivery Options : Sprout will deliver to your home or workplace (as an individual) for $10/fee in Battle Creek, Marshall, Athens & Kalamazoo areas

Pick-Up Options :

You can pick up from any Sprout identified location for no fee.  

We currently have pick-up locations on

  • Thursday at Sprout Grocery + Kitchen at 503 Military Rd. Springfield 2pm-6pm (link map)
  • Friday at Battle Creek Books 51 W. Michigan Ave. A  1pm-6pm (link map)
  • Friday at First Congregational Church 145 Capital Ave. NE 11am-1pm
  • Friday at at Sprout Grocery + Kitchen at 503 Military Rd. Springfield 11am-6pm

Still have more questions?

Sprout is happy to help! Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions:

“We’re going on vacation for a week, what do I do with my Sprout Box?”

  • You can have a friend, family member pick up your Sprout Box for you
  • OR Sprout will help you donate that box to a family in need here in Battle Creek.
  • Or you can pause your account through our portal. You will get a welcome video that will explain how to pause and make any changes to your account.

If you do go on vacation and have someone coming in your place, or want to donate your Box, you will need to inform Sprout at: so we know who to expect, at least a week in advance. At this time, we do not roll over your Box to be picked up at a later date.

“What if I want to end my participation?”

You can cancel your recurring payment option as you wish. We ask for two weeks notice before canceling your participation in the program.

Please read our Terms and Conditions Carefully