The Sprout Box

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The Sprout Box is a customizable box of Michigan-made groceries delivered to your home, workplace, or one of our satellite locations.


Weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions with auto-pay are available, or you can shop when you want and only get a box when you order.


Box selections include fresh breads, local produce, meat, cheeses, snacks, ready to eat meals and more, with new additions every week!




You can shop on your own schedule, or you can automatically receive a box with a weekly or bi-weekly subscription.


Subscriptions include recurring payments, and the ability to customize your box each week from selections in the store. If you forget, we’ll pack you you a fabulous house special.

Shop your box between 2pm Wednesday and 6am Monday for delivery/pickup the following Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.


These are the basics. Need more info? Click here for details, FAQ’s, and fine print.